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1906 French Fantasio Le Rire Magazine Poster By Roubille Exposition Internationale De Fonderie Et Congres Poster Original French Antique Stone Lithograph 1914 Fetes De Jeanne D'Arc Advertisement Poster By Imp. Melzer Linen Backed 1964 German Aeros Tierschau Offset Plate Lithograph Advertisement Poster Signed In The Plate By Artist Linen Backed
Aeros Tierschau
Price: $535.00
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French 1964 E.D.F. Emprunt Electricite Poster 1962 French Emprunt 5% Charbon poster By Villemot Course de Chevaux Cheval Equestrian Horse Race Illustration 1962 French Courses De Saintes Hippodrome De Lormont Poster
Item # 4978 Item # 4966 Item # 4952 Item # 4951
French Ballets Basques De Biarritz Poster Original 1899 French Nymphe Dansant Decorative Panel # 40 by Paul Berthon Linen Backed 1900 Le Petit Sou poster International Overseas Exhibition Paris 1931 original vintage poster by Jean Victor Desmeures.
Item # 4942 Item # 4915 Item # 4851 Item # 4849
Marigny-Theatre La Charmeuse original French vintage poster by L. Berge. Exposition Universelle Gand 1913 Gent original vintage Belgium poster flower show advertisement 1959 Federation Francaise De Hockey poster Ba-Ta-Clan Music Hall de Paris original vintage poster from 1970 France by Jose Arva.
Item # 4840 Item # 4808 Item # 4793 Item # 4790
Vichy 13e Fete Federale Francaise Gymnastique A Melody Of Ancient Egypt January Calendar Pin Up original vintage poster by Henry Clive from 1936. Original Ballerina painting oil on canvas by Jean Pean from 1898 France. Musee Grevin (proof before letters) original stone lithograph from 1900 France, rare vintage poster by Jules Cheret.
Item # 4758 Item # 4729 Item # 4726 Item # 4724
21st. Annual Salon International L Aeronautique original vintage aviation poster by Derouet Fromentier from 1955 France. Loterie Nationale Prix de L Arc de Triomphe original 1974 vintage poster by Bernard Villemot. Paris 1937 Exposition Internationale original vintage poster by Beaudouin. World Cup 74 soccer game advertisement original poster by Fritz Genkinger from 1974 Germany.
World Cup 74 Soccer
Price: $435.00
Item # 4707 Item # 4681 Item # 4673 Item # 4660
The Grand National original 1909 lithographic advertisement vintage poster. 1998 Jim Dine Mois de la Photo a Paris Exhibition original poster French offset lithograph. Savignac A Forney original poster from 2001 French exposition advertisement. Dormeuil Exposition Paris - London original 1992 lithographic advertisement vintage poster by Gruau.
The Grand National
Price: $260.00
Savignac A Forney
Price: $380.00
Item # 4635 Item # 4605 Item # 4592 Item # 4591
Venise Operette original vintage theater poster from 1927 by artist Ch. Girl. Yvetot Race original vintage poster, lithographic horse races advertisement from 1931 France. New York Worlds Fair Unisphere original American exhibition vintage poster from 1965 by B. Peak. New York Worlds Fair Unisphere original American exposition vintage poster by B. Peak from 1965.
Venise Operette
Price: $435.00
Yvetot Race
Price: $250.00
Item # 4581 Item # 4558 Item # 4529 Item # 4528
Charming original vintage poster from 1938 by W.B. Foyntes. American lithographic advertisement salesman calendar sample. Doriane original vintage poster from 1930 France by Charles Gesmar. French theater poster features woman performer in yellow and pink feathered dress with beads on here on black background. Foire Internationale De Prague original rare Exposition vintage poster from 1926 by artist F. Jakub. Willson Traveling Show original vintage English theater poster from 1930.
Item # 4526 Item # 4516 Item # 4496 Item # 4489
Le Mage Opera original vintage poster from 1891 France by artist Edel. Autopark original vintage poster form 1936 by Texidon. Arts Menagers original vintage poster by Francis Bernard from 1962 France. Federation Francaise De Tennis 14e Open De Paris, Bercy November 1999 original French poster by F. K. Lehoddy
Le Mage Opera
Price: $400.00
Price: $285.00
14e Open De Paris
Price: $385.00
Item # 4487 Item # 4484 Item # 4483 Item # 4471
Hungry Spoiled work feeds the vulture of waste Starve Him. American Mather Work Incentive Series original vintage poster by Williard Frederic Elmes  from 1929. I Heard - Idle gossip defeats effort, delayed results, disturbs others Work Talks Best. Mather Work Incentive series original antique poster from 1929 USA. Electricite De France original vintage poster by Villemot and Tauzin from 1970 France. Paris ACJF original vintage poster from 1936 by Reneyre.
Paris ACJF
Price: $330.00
Item # 4470 Item # 4469 Item # 4458 Item # 4375
Exposition Internationale Paris 1937 original advertisement, lithographic antique poster by Jean Carlu from 1937 France. Paris 1937 Exposition Internationale Feerie D Art et de Lumiere original antique poster by Bernard Villemot from 1937 France. Original Vintage French Exposition Posters. La Exposition Femme et L Enfant (No Text) original vintage poster from 1925 Belgium by artist Fernand Toussaint. World University Summer Games Budapest original vintage poster from 1954 by Nyari Janos.
Item # 4374 Item # 4373 Item # 4372 Item # 4336
Berlin Film Festival original vintage poster by artist Atelier Eggert from 1955 Germany. What Do You Give? Wasters dump a good big pay roll into every junk yard, Waste Hinders Everybody. Original American vintage poster from 1929 by Willard Frederic Elmes Coq D Or The Golden Cockerel original vintage poster by George A de Pogedaieff from 1928 France. Bal du Moulin Rouge femmes, femmes, femmes..... original  vintage poster by Gruau from 1983 France. on a white background topless dancer with a top hat, cane and feather tail costume.
What Do You Give?
Price: $380.00
Item # 4324 Item # 4270 Item # 4229 Item # 4210
Genevieve Guitry original vintage poster from 1929 France by artist Lorton Girbal. Aben Hamet original vintage opera poster by Manuel Orazi from 1884 France. Le Lever Du Critique original vintage theater poster by Ibels from 1896 France. Aux Ambassadeurs La Revue en Fetes original vintage poster from 1898 by artist Willette.
Genevieve Guitry
Price: $385.00
Aben Hamet Opera
Price: $650.00
Le Lever Du Critique
Price: $835.00
Item # 4209 Item # 4191 Item # 4140 Item # 4138
On The Wabash The Village Choir original vintage poster from 1898 by Russell Morgan. American horizontal advertisement features singing performers. Palaise de Glace original vintage posters by Jules Cheret from 1893 France. Shows a woman in red dress and hat ice skating with shadowed people skating behind her. Bill Coleman original advertising lithography vintage poster by Francis Paudras from 1962 France. Shows a jazz trumpeter playing on his instrument. L Homme Des Ruines original advertising lithography antique poster by Bodu from 1904 France.
On The Wabash
Price: $380.00
Bill Coleman
Price: $450.00
L'Homme Des Ruines
Price: $660.00
Item # 4115 Item # 4093 Item # 4079 Item # 4072
Folies Bergere original 1970 advertising lithography vintage poster by Aslan from France. Le Sire De Vergy (before Letters) opera comedy poster Your Best Friend Original Mather Work Incentive vintage poster by Willard Frederic Elmes from 1929 USA. There It Goes - A single fire can postpone your next payday for months..Lets take no chances. Mather Work Incentive series original vintage American poster from 1929 USA.
Your Best Friend
Price: $660.00
Item # 4066 Item # 4052 Item # 4000 Item # 3980
All Clear Ahead! Lets Hurry Carefully.. Original Mather Work Incentive American poster by Willard Frederic Elmes from 1929 USA. Features man / soldier on a train. Masks Off! Original American Mather Work Incentive Series poster by Frank Beatty from 1929 USA. Feature man and a woman dressed up in costumes with masks. Straight Through original Mather Work Incentive poster by Henry Lee Jr from 1929 USA It May Be Right - It May Be Wrong original Mather Work Incentive poster by Hal Dupuy from 1929 USA
All Clear Ahead!
Price: $785.00
Masks Off!
Price: $685.00
Straight Through
Price: $585.00
Item # 3964 Item # 3962 Item # 3960 Item # 3959
Arlette Montal original vintage advertising lithograph poster by Bernard from 1914 France La Fille De Madame Angol original vintage 1926 poster by Choppy - French poster shows a woman wearing a pink dress, hugging a man on yellow background. La Houppa Original Vintage advertisement lithograph Poster  by Choppy in 1921. This original antique poster features a smiling woman wearing a dress with pink and white stripes and pink hat, holding a dog who has a pink bow on his neck. Ariane  Theatre National De Opera Original Vintage Poster by Albert Maignan from 1906 France
Arlette Montal
Price: $585.00
La Houppa
Price: $885.00
Item # 3927 Item # 3924 Item # 3896 Item # 3882
Concert Mystique original art nouveau poster by Paul Berthon from 1901 France. Two women playing instruments. New York World's Fair Tickets on Sale here American original poster from 1964 -1965 Fair. Prague International Fair By Moravek 1930 original vintage Czech lithograph advertisement poster Championnat Federal Gymnastique original vintage poster by Imp. Armoricaine from 1951 France
Concert Mystique
Price: $1,700.00
Item # 3869 Item # 3807 Item # 3779 Item # 3777
Decorative Panel 1904 Maurice Neumon original vintage poster hand stone lithography. Moscoso Poster Show by Moore Galleries from 1967 USA Salon Des Artistes Decorateurs Grand Palais Des Champs - Elysees. Original vintage poster by Bernard Villemot from 1954 France. Semaines Francaises original vintage poster by R. Hetreau from 1963 France
Decorative Panel
Price: $550.00
Moscoso Poster Show
Price: $250.00
Semaines Francaises
Price: $220.00
Item # 3682 Item # 3681 Item # 3672 Item # 3660
Semaine Nationale De L'Enfance original vintage poster by Poulbot from 1934 France Bal Aide Amicate Aux Artistes - A Bullier original vintage poster by Friesz from 1923 France Benevol Legendaire Professeur original French magic vintage poster from 1928. La D'Moiselle Du Tabarin Operette original vintage poster by Clerice Freres from 1910 France
Item # 3635 Item # 3600 Item # 3591 Item # 3549
La Fille de Tabarin Comedie Lirique original vintage poster by Louis E. Fournier from 1894 France La Vie Joyeuse Operette original vintage poster by Clerice Freres from 1910 France La Princesse Bebe Operette original vintage poster by Louis Galice from 1894 France Brussels Commercial Fair original vintage poster by Willy Tbiran from 1924 Belgium
Item # 3548 Item # 3547 Item # 3546 Item # 3493
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey original vintage poster from 1942 USA Foire De Paris original vintage poster by F. Calais from 1921 France Folies Bergere original advertising lithography antique poster by Erte from 1974 France. Shows a woman holding a red hand fan with white lettering Folies Bergere on blue background. La Mazourka Bleue original vintage poster by Dola from 1929 France
Foire De Paris 1921
Price: $625.00
La Mazourka Bleue
Price: $490.00
Item # 3362 Item # 3321 Item # 3178 Item # 3165
Scala Yvette Guilbert original vintage poster by Ferdinand Bac from 1895 France L Eclair original vintage poster from 1899 by artist Paul Balluriau  French advertisement for newspaper journal. Zappy Max original vintage poster by Robert Maudouit from 1947 France Electricite De France Emprunt 1964 original vintage poster by Bernard Villemot from France. French advertisement for electric company.
Price: $425.00
Zappy Max
Price: $385.00
Item # 3074 Item # 2917 Item # 2816 Item # 2793
Dolly (I Love You) Operette Original French Poster by Clerice from 1922. Le Pays Du Sourire Original Vintage Poster by Dola from 1936 France Chanson d'amour Original Vintage Poster by Dola from 1936 France Don Diego original vintage poster by Serrano 1956 Spain
Le Pays Du Sourire
Price: $360.00
Chanson d' Amour
Price: $375.00
Don Diego
Price: $335.00
Item # 2735 Item # 2668 Item # 2667 Item # 2566
Le Tzarewitch Operette original advertising lithography vintage poster by Chancel from 1930 France. Blue Jeans The Great Saw Mill Scene original vintage poster 1897 USA Le Comte De Luxembourg French Operette Poster by Dola. Original Vintage Posters The Royal International Circus original vintage poster from 1955 USA
Item # 2329 Item # 2249 Item # 2231 Item # 2129
American Chart- Birds original vintage poster from 1890's USA Le Soleil de Minuit original vintage poster by Rene Pean from 1898 - French theater poster features 3 scenes, a man tying a woman's shoe, a couple walking and a woman in a crowded street. Jacomo Monte-Carlo Tennis Open by Fix-Masseau original vintage poster from 1985 France Roma original vintage poster by Rochegrosse from 1912 France
Price: $350.00
Item # 2102 Item # 2033 Item # 1862 Item # 1309
Perrand original vintage poster by LEM fro 1897 France Penelope original vintage poster by Rochegrosse from 1913 France Mistinguett (3-sheet) original vintage poster by Weninger from 1933 - French theater poster features a smiling face of French actress and singer. Original oil on board Le Duel  by Mauzan from 1936 France
Price: $450.00
Penelope Operette
Price: $380.00
Le Sword Duel
Price: $2,500.00
Item # 1303 Item # 1302 Item # 1292 Item # 1289
Mam'zelle Boy-Scout Theatre De La Renaissance original vintage poster by Henri Gray from 1915 France Lina Margy original vintage poster by Girbal from 1938 France. This original antique poster shows a smiling face of French singer (Lina Margy). Les Pecheurs De Saint- Jean original vintage poster by Fernand-Louis Gottlob from 1906 France Le Fetiche original vintage poster by Imp. F. Appel from 1892 France
Lina Margy
Price: $385.00
Le Fetiche
Price: $350.00
Item # 1288 Item # 1285 Item # 1283 Item # 1277
Koren [LA] original vintahe poster by W. Slutier from 1905 Amsterdam Jazz (Proof) original advertisement lithography antique poster by Phi from 1926 France. Shows a conductor in tuxedo directing outline figures in the band playing horns and strings. Jane Colombel original vintage poster by Zarum from 1899 France. French woman performer profile on a off white background. Harness Racing Decorative original vintage poster from 1950's France
Koren [LA]
Price: $300.00
Jane Colombel
Price: $375.00
Item # 1271 Item # 1269 Item # 1266 Item # 1264
La Falote original vintage poster by Charles Verneau from 1896 France Esclarmonde Opera Romanesque original advertising lithography antique poster by Alfred Choubrac from 1889 France. Ed. Sagot original antique posters by Helleu from 1899. French lithograph advertising a monotone sketch of a woman at an easel drawing in an artist studio. Diplome Commemoratif 1935 Belgium by Bvisseret original vintage advertising lithograph poster
La Falote
Price: $400.00
Esclarmonde Opera
Price: $610.00
Ed Sagot
Price: $500.00
Diplome Commemoratif
Price: $330.00
Item # 1254 Item # 1250 Item # 1246 Item # 1243
Claudine Operette Theatre Du Moulin-Rouge original advertising lithography theater and exhibition antique poster by Clerice Freres from 1910 France. Le Chevalier D'Eon by Clerice Freres from 1906 - vintage poster advertising a production of the French comedic opera. Theatre du Chat Noir by Riviere poster from 1892 France. Original vintage lithography advertising poster. Le Petit Parisien - Les Dernieres Cartouches original vintage poster from 1901 France
Le Chevalier D'Eon
Price: $400.00
Theatre du Chat Noir
Price: $385.00
Item # 1240 Item # 1238 Item # 1237 Item # 1234
Carmosine Theatre Lyrique Municipal original vintage French operetta poster from 1913 by Vikke Van Den Bergh. La Boule De Neige original vintage theatre poster by Auzolle from 1906 France. Bobino Josephine Baker original vintage poster by Martin from 1975 France. She was an American-born, famous French performer dancer, singer, and actress ... Ballet Russe by Annenkov 1950 France -  French theater poster features sketched images of faceless ballet dancers in traditional Russian costume with hands in the air. Original Antique Posters.
La Boule De Neige
Price: $535.00
Ballet Russe
Price: $600.00
Item # 1232 Item # 1229 Item # 1227 Item # 1225
French Original Gouache by Weily from 1890's France. Features woman sleeping in a bad and a maid serving her breakfast. Exposition Tour Eiffel vintage poster by Ibels from 1895 France. Jeune Fille Pauvre turn of century original vintage poster by E. C. Guyot from 1897 France. Features a woman holding a child running from crowd of people... Le Lever du Critique original vintage poster by Ibels from 1896 France. Advertising theater play with woman dress in black dress resting her head on a white statue.
Item # 1217 Item # 1213 Item # 1208 Item # 1195
Le Retour original vintage advertising lithograph poster by Fluechmagre from 1903 France
Le Retour
Price: $235.00
Item # 1166
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