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Le Rire Les Grans Concerts De L Opera by famous artist Henri Toulouse Lautrec from 1897 France - French page from a humor magazine features men playing in front of an audience. Original Vintage posters from Spencer Weisz Galleries. Le Courrier Francais (Supplement) original antique poster from 1891 by artist Jules Cheret. Les Vieux De La Mer original advertisement lithography vintage poster by Augustin Hanicotte from 1910 France.
Les Vieux De La Mer
Price: $320.00
Item # 4497 Item # 4147 Item # 4139 Item # 3993
Concert Mystique original art nouveau poster by Paul Berthon from 1901 France. Two women playing instruments. La Revue Blanche original vintage poster by famous artist Pierre Bonnard from 1894 France. Decorative Panel 1904 Maurice Neumon original vintage poster hand stone lithography. Decorative for Gallery Resale original vintage poster from 1894 France
Concert Mystique
Price: $1,800.00
La Revue Blanche
Price: $8,750.00
Decorative Panel
Price: $550.00
Item # 3869 Item # 3788 Item # 3682 Item # 3572
Nouvelles Galleries original vintage poster by P. Chapellier from 1898 France French Original Gouache by Weily from 1890's France. Features woman sleeping in a bad and a maid serving her breakfast. La Vache Curieuse original vintage French horizontal poster from 1903 by L. Lucien Faure. Advertisement for automobile ad with old car and a woman trying to pull a cow from blocking the road. Une Remorque original French vintage poster from 1904 by artist G. Redon.
La Vache Curieuse
Price: $300.00
Une Remorque
Price: $285.00
Item # 3168 Item # 1217 Item # 1216 Item # 1215
Sheep Impasse original vintage horizontal poster by G. Meunier from 1905 France. "Le Ver" Series Caricature by Sem from 1900 France Pouchoir Caricature by Sem from 1900 France. Pouchoir Caricature original poster by Sem from 1900 France.
Sheep Impasse
Price: $300.00
Item # 1199 Item # 1180 Item # 1177 Item # 1176
Pouchoir Caricature original vintage art by Sem from 1900 France. Pouchoir Caricature original vintage French poster from 1900 by Sem Pouchoir Caricature original horizontal vintage poster by Sem 1900 France. Shows two old men standing in front of drawing board. General -in- Chief French vintage decorative poster from 1902 by Louis Malteste.
General -in- Chief
Price: $335.00
Item # 1175 Item # 1173 Item # 1170 Item # 1164
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