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Stu Theatre by Jan Sawka from 1979 Poland Snieg (Snow) by Jan Aleksiun from 1978 Poland Warszawski Wrzesien (Warsaw September) original poster by Jan Mlodozeniec from 1968 Poland. Tajemniczy Upior original polish poster by Wasilewski from 1977
Warszawski Wrzesien
Price: $350.00
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Szpieg Szoguna original polish poster by Wiktor Gorka from 1973 Sedzia z Teksasu [The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean] original polish poster by Jan Mlodozeniec from 1975 Nie Ryzykuj (Don't Risk) original polish poster by Szlabo from 1965 Romans z Nieznajomym [Love with the Proper Stranger] original polish poster by Krzysztof Lenk from 1965
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Valkomna i Polen original polish poster by Jan Mlodozeniec Pippi w Kraju Taka-Tuka [Pippi in Taka-Tuka Land] original polish poster from 1973. W Martwej Petli (In a Dead Circle) original polish poster advertisement for Russian movie by Andrzej Krajweski from 1967 Opowiesc o Polowaniu [Hunting Story] original polish poster by Rozwadowski from 1953
Valkomna i Polen
Price: $300.00
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Nocna Zamiec (Night Storm) original polish poster by Maciej Zbikowski from 1967 Niespokojne Morze original Polish poster by Mieczyslaw Wasilewski from 1974 Naszyjnik Dla Mojej Ukochanej [A Necklace for my Beloved] original Polish poster by Jerzy Flisak from 1972 Bez wyraznych motywow [Without Apparent Motive] original polish poster by Andrzej Krajewski from 1972
Item # 1931 Item # 1930 Item # 1928 Item # 1927
Ksiaze i Aktoreczka American movie (The Prince and the Showgirl) original polish poster by Hanna Bodnar from 1962. Papierowy Ksiezyc (Paper Moon) original Polish movie poster by Jerzy Flisak from 1975. Konie Veldeza (The Veldez Horses) original Polish poster by Jerzy Flisak from 1977 Iluminacja (The Illumination) original Polish poster by Franciszek Starowieyski from 1973
Item # 1926 Item # 1924 Item # 1923 Item # 1921
Hostessa [Hostess] original vintage Polish poster by Krzysztof Nasfeter from 1976 Hello Dolly original Polish poster by Maria Ihnatowicz from 1972 Edward i Karolina (Edward and Caroline) original Polish poster by Maurycy Stryjecki from 1962 Dziewczyna o Zielonych Oczach - Girl with Green Eyes original Polish poster by Mucha Ihnatowicz from 1967.
Hostessa Hostess
Price: $135.00
Hello Dolly
Price: $200.00
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The Day of the Locust by Mulas from 1976 Poland The Roads of Man by Krajewski from 1973 Poland Dom bez Okien (House without windows) original movie poster by Wiktor Gorka from 1962 Poland. Terms of Endearment by Pagowski from 1985 Poland
Item # 1912 Item # 1910 Item # 1909 Item # 1908
Oddzial (Team) original Polish movie cinema poster from 1976 by Jan Mlodozeniec. Suffering young Bohaczka authentic polish advertising poster by Ihnatowicz from 1969. Shows a figure of man smoking a cigarette. Below are two figures of girls in purple hairs. Cepeliada 78 original poster  by Mlodozeniec from 1978 Poland. Cepelia original polish advertising poster by Mlodozeniec  from 1973 Poland. Polish Art And Handicraft Foundation
Oddzial (Team)
Price: $160.00
Cepeliada 78
Price: $235.00
Price: $235.00
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Brzoza Birch Tree authentic advertising antique poster by Butenko from 1968 Poland. LACK OF GUARD mortal danger by Urbaniec from 1970's Poland. Kto Wierzy w Bociany (Who believes in the storks?) by Eryk Lipinski from 1970 Poland. Polish movie poster features a blond woman with butterfly wings. Andrzej Onegin-Dabrowski Poster Armando Polish Movie Polski Film - Plakat. Original Antique Poster from 1970 Poland, white horse on a blue and yellow rainbow background running on top of a heat of man.
Brzoza (Birch Tree)
Price: $190.00
Price: $225.00
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