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Biscotines Union Cappiello Sopas Garriga Barcelona Original Vintage Poster by Leonetto Cappiello from 1921 France. French pasta advertisement great art deco antique lithograph. Original 1912 Antique French Vegetaline Por La Cuisine Stone Lithograph Advertisement Poster by Cappiello Linen Backed 1907 French Shampoing Du Dr. Roja poster by Cappiello
Sopas Garriga Barcelona
Price: $6,800.00
Item # 5078 Item # 5073 Item # 5029 Item # 4998
Chocolat Poulain - Orange Poster by Cappiello French 1909 Chocolat Poulain Orange Poster by Cappiello Charbon Chimique Rubaudo poster MARIE BRIZARD ET ROGER ANISETTE CHERRY BRANDY ET CURACAO Poster
Chocolat Poulain Orange
Price: $3,450.00
Item # 4986 Item # 4949 Item # 4773 Item # 4772
Paquet Pernot Biscuits Poster by Cappiello France Leonetto Cappiello original vintage poster from 1937. Great art deco image with statue of woman in white standing on map of France. Le Fusil Darne original antique lithographic poster from 1948 France by L. Cappiello. Le Thermogene original vintage poster from 1930 France by artist Leonetto Cappiello. French heating pads advertisement.
Paquet Pernot Biscuits
Price: $5,900.00
France 1937 Cappiello
Price: $1,250.00
Le Fusil Darne 1948
Price: $900.00
Item # 4771 Item # 4621 Item # 4289 Item # 4224
Societe Francaise Des Munitions Maurin Quina Le Puy 3 sheet Leonetto Cappiello original vintage French poster from 1906. Features a green devil (demon) opening a bottle of aperitif against a black background. Le Thermogene Original Vintage French Poster by L. Cappiello from 1930 France. Medical advertisement features a man clutching pillows to his chest and breathing fire. Biscotines Union original vintage food poster by Leonetto Cappiello from 1906 France.
Biscotines Union
Price: $780.00
Item # 3580 Item # 2781 Item # 2733 Item # 2165
La Croix-Soleil original vintage poster by Leonetto Cappiello from 1039 France. Le Nil (Elephant) French original poster by Leonetto Cappiello from 1913. This horizontal cigarette paper advertisement features a white elephant draped in red fabric. Le Thermogene origina Belgium poster by Leonetto Cappiellofrom 1952 France. Leonetto Cappiello Original Vintage Poster Parapluie-Revel (three umbrellas) store display from 1922 France. Features 3 umbrellas on a yellow background .
La Croix-Soleil
Price: $600.00
Item # 1963 Item # 1960 Item # 1648 Item # 1642
Cognac Monnet du soleil dans un verre...Sunshine in a glass Leonetto Cappiello Original Vintage Poster from 1927 France. Inks original vintage poster by Leonetto Cappiello from 1928 France. French poster advertising Charles Eneu Johnson Inks shows a rainbow across a blue background ending with ink containers. Le Bas Revel Leonetto Cappiello original French poster for stocking company features 3 woman's showing their legs on a dark blue background. Confitures Foucault (Proof) original vintage turn of the century poster by Leonetto Cappiello from 1919 France. Features 3 women carrying baskets of fruit they are pouring them into a large vat.
Cognac Monnet
Price: $5,400.00
Eneu Johnson Inks
Price: $100.00
Le Bas Revel
Price: $2,400.00
Item # 1640 Item # 1633 Item # 1632 Item # 1628
Cognac Pellisson original vintage poster by Leonetto Cappiello from 1905 France. French cognac advertisement features a young man carrying a large barrel on his back. Cappiello Original Vintage Poster from the Le Rire magazine La Belle Helene Aux Varietes from 1888 France. Baudin La Cuisiniere Des Cuisinieres original vintage poster by  Leonetto Cappiello from1933 France. French product ad, hand stone lithography advertisement for stove.
Baudin La Cuisiniere
Price: $1,775.00
Item # 1621 Item # 1615 Item # 1613
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