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Anisetta Evangelisti drunk monkey original vintage poster from 1925 by Biscaretti. Italian wine and spirits poster features a monkey on a crate drinking from a bottle on a yellow background. 1998 Jim Dine Mois de la Photo a Paris Exhibition original poster French offset lithograph. Lamp Osram original vintage poster by D. VASQUEZ DIAL from 1911 France. Savignac A Forney original poster from 2001 French exposition advertisement.
Lampe Osram
Price: $885.00
Savignac A Forney
Price: $380.00
Item # 4625 Item # 4605 Item # 4604 Item # 4592
Dormeuil Exposition Paris - London original 1992 lithographic advertisement vintage poster by Gruau. Coupe Du Monde Munich 1974 original vintage poster movie advertisement. B Dewachter Place Du Palais Rennes original vintage product poster by Walter Thor from 1900 France.  French mens clothing company advertisement. Ducretet Thomson T.S.F original vintage poster from 1940 France by artist Hermine David.
B. Dewachter
Price: $1,400.00
Item # 4591 Item # 4590 Item # 4552 Item # 4491
Corset Excelsior original vintage poster from 1900 France by Impremerie Moullot. Federation Francaise De Tennis 14e Open De Paris, Bercy November 1999 original French poster by F. K. Lehoddy Save Freedom of Worship Buy War Bonds - Four Freedoms by Norman Rockwell - original vintage poster from 1943 USA. Chanel No5 Parfum orange and purple background poster from 2001. French advertisement for perfume.
Corset Excelsior
Price: $900.00
14e Open De Paris
Price: $385.00
Item # 4472 Item # 4471 Item # 4449 Item # 4384
Le Style Impeccable Marcelle Griffon original poster by artist Rene Gruau. Vita Les Graines Vivantes original vintage product poster by Robys from 1930 France. Noveltex original vintage product poster by Sepo (Severo Pozzati). French mens clothing advertisement from 1949. Qualite Mobielier de France Au Confortable original 1960 vintage  poster by artist Bernard Villemot.
Le Style Impeccable
Price: $400.00
Noveltex Clothing
Price: $1,400.00
Au Confortable
Price: $585.00
Item # 4304 Item # 4262 Item # 4221 Item # 4134
Emprunt Cier Groupement De L Industrie Siderurgique original vintage odd product poster by artist Eric from 1954 France. Suralo French original vintage French poster for raincoats from 1957 by artist Wyb. Byrrh original advertising lithography vintage poster by Guy Georget from 1961 France. L Homme Des Ruines original advertising lithography antique poster by Bodu from 1904 France.
Emprunt Cier
Price: $760.00
Price: $475.00
Price: $585.00
L'Homme Des Ruines
Price: $660.00
Item # 4132 Item # 4129 Item # 4090 Item # 4072
Legeres Comme Une Gazelle French shoes advertisement from 1935 France. Original art deco antique poster by famous artist Robys. Fete Des Peres original vintage poster French advertisement for Fathers day from 1967 by famous artist G. Nicolitch. Calor original advertising lithograph vintage poster from France 1930 Superguano Angibaud Avec Ceci Cela original vintage odd product poster by Galland from 1928 France. Advertising fertilizer for fruits and vegetables.
Fete Des Peres
Price: $400.00
Calor Raisor
Price: $485.00
Angibaud Supergauno
Price: $635.00
Item # 4008 Item # 4005 Item # 3981 Item # 3937
Henault Morel Teintureries original vintage odd product poster by Leon Dupin from 1936 France advertising fabric dye. Fine Armagnac poster by E. Oge from 1905 France. Original Vintage Antique Posters. Nestle French original vintage food poster by Raoul Auger from 1926. Shows a naked blonde baby jumping to the air on blue background. St. Raphael Quinquina original vintage French poster from 1903 by Gerbault.
Fine Armagnac
Price: $735.00
Price: $1,700.00
St. Raphael Quinquina
Price: $1,645.00
Item # 3901 Item # 3894 Item # 3855 Item # 3854
La Grande Marque De France - La Vache Qui Rit original vintage poster by Benjamin Rabier from 1950. This antique food poster features a laughing cow wearing cheese earrings standing next to flowers. Cognac Normandin original vintage wine and spirits poster by Jean-Raoul Naurac from 1926 France. Sodibo Biere French original beer poster from 1940 by J. Rousseau. Features a outline of a women holding up a glass with another larger glass of beer in front of her. Cirtu c'est un plaisir Original Vintage Poster from 1920
Cognac Normandin
Price: $1,450.00
Price: $585.00
Item # 3841 Item # 3825 Item # 3736 Item # 3544
Biere Phenix by Leon Dupin 1930 France - Beautiful Vintage Poster. French wine & spirit poster features a sailor in a blue and white striped tank top holding up a beer. Original Antique Posters Cordial Medoc Liqueur by Jean Desaleux 1955 France - Beautiful Vintage Poster. French wine and spirit poster features a clown in white holding a bottle and glass with a heart in it on a blue background. Original Antique Posters This horizontal French poster features boys and girls fighting over a box of tapioca. Authentic Vintage Poster Original The Giant Behemoth original movie poster from 1958
Biere Phenix
Price: $800.00
Tapioca Amieux Freres
Price: $1,475.00
The Giant Behemoth
Price: $760.00
Item # 3532 Item # 3528 Item # 3488 Item # 3328
La Raphaelle Liqueur Bonal by J. Rosetti 1908 - French poster features a waiter who drops his tray of glasses to catch a bottle that a small man in a plane has just lassoed and is flying off with. Original Antique Posters. Valmya by Henry Le Monnier 1937 - French poster features a women in a red and gold striped dress holding up a martini glass with a chateau behind her and a large black bottle in front. Original Antique Posters. Cycles Aiglon original vintage poster by Georges Vallee from 1901 France Mogambo (3-sheet) original movie poster from 1953 USA
Price: $775.00
Cycles Aiglon
Price: $1,375.00
Mogambo (3-sheet)
Price: $900.00
Item # 3197 Item # 3196 Item # 3186 Item # 3153
Maison du Robinson Parapluies Ombrelles by Delaroche original vintage poster from 1907 France Clint Eastwood Joe Kidd Original Movie Poster from 1972 Italy Au Grand Pasteur original advertising lithography vintage poster by Villot from 1927 France. Shows a man siting on a armchair and reading a newspaper. Around him are furniture. Belorange original poster by Toni from 1949 - French culinary / food advertisement features a man made of oranges with lemon hat holding a tray with a glass and bottle.
Au Grand Pasteur
Price: $685.00
Price: $735.00
Item # 3138 Item # 3008 Item # 2923 Item # 2888
Joseph Milliat from 1920 by Javin - French poster features family with small child who sit at the table and waiting for dinner which carries the housekeeper. Jouet Freres by Henry Le Monnier original vintage poster from 1933 France. This original antique poster features a woman wearing black dress, holding folded tablecloths. Au Bebe Choye by Benjamin Rabier original vintage poster from 1926 France. Shows a baby stroller next to which is a little girl with big red bow in her hair, baby & teddy bear. Kina Lillet original vintage poster by Dola from 1904 France. Turn of the century French wine advertisement.
Joseph Milliat
Price: $950.00
Jouet Freres
Price: $300.00
Au Bebe Choye
Price: $500.00
Price: $835.00
Item # 2875 Item # 2846 Item # 2754 Item # 2743
Favor Scooters Motorcycles Bicycles Posters. French original transportation poster features 3 riders, red blue and orange riding on a curved arrow towards bullseye. Savon Le Naturel Original Vintage Poster. Baudin La Cuisiniere Des Cuisinieres original vintage poster by  Leonetto Cappiello from1933 France. French product ad, hand stone lithography advertisement for stove. Ponctua by Prejelan from 1906 France. Original French vintage poster advertising pocket watches. Shows a woman playing a drum which is actually a giant pocket watch in a marching band.
Savon Le Naturel
Price: $800.00
Baudin La Cuisiniere
Price: $1,775.00
Price: $550.00
Item # 2300 Item # 2170 Item # 1613 Item # 1594
Joyeuses Paques by Bernard Villemot original vintage poster from 1965 France. Shows a chocolate egg with two hands holding a gifts. Radiola Original Vintage French Poster by Rene Ravo from 1950 advertising radio. Shows a graphic parrot with green wing on a radio against a blue background. Gitanes Caporal original vintage poster by Bernard Villemot from 1960 France. Advertising a blue pack of cigarettes with a dancing woman in smoke on it on, on a beautiful red background. Bally (Shoes) - Original French Poster by Bernard Villemot advertising Swiss Shoes. French poster is an abstract image of painterly shapes in browns, reds, pinks and orange to sell shoes.
Joyeuses Paques
Price: $385.00
Price: $500.00
Gitanes Caporal
Price: $575.00
Bally (Shoes)
Price: $700.00
Item # 1581 Item # 1575 Item # 1570 Item # 1549
Bally (Homme) original poster by Bernard Villemot from 1976. French poster features a man siting down with one leg up against orange and brown background. Bally (Dame) original advertisement lithography antique poster by Bernard Villemot from 1976. French poster ad for Swiss shoe company Source Parot original vintage sparking water French poster by Favre from 1930 France. Escargots Menetrel original poster by Rudd from1930 - French food poster advertising escargot features a man holding a fork looking at a snail on a red leaf against a blue background. Original Antique Posters.
Bally (Homme)
Price: $690.00
Bally (Dame)
Price: $690.00
Source Parot
Price: $585.00
Escargots Menetrel
Price: $725.00
Item # 1546 Item # 1545 Item # 1538 Item # 1521
Tonic Aperitivo Digestivo poster by M. Gros 1938 Italy. Italian wine and spirits poster features a man, shown from the shoulders up, laughing as he drinks a glass of aperitivo. Original Antique Posters. Le Souverain by Imp. Camis 1910 France. French wine and spirits poster features a child in a red suit and hat standing on a chair getting a bottle off the top shelf. Original Antique Posters. Le Royal Sport Quina 1920 France - Beautiful Vintage Poster. This vertical french wine and spirits poster features a black and white waiter in profile holding a tray with a bottle and glass. Original Antique Poster QuinQuina Bonnet 1911 France. French wine and spirits poster features a waiter, man in a tuxedo, with long beard or chops holding a tray with a glass as he pours a bottle. Original Antique Posters.
Le Souverain
Price: $585.00
Le Royal Sport Quina
Price: $585.00
QuinQuina Bonnet
Price: $500.00
Item # 1402 Item # 1398 Item # 1392 Item # 1389
Liqueur St. Barbe original poster by Conchon 1905 France. French wine and spirits poster features a red devil stealing a bottle and sneaking out the window at night. Gentiane Bonal by Affiches Moullot 1900 France. French wine and spirits poster features a waitress holding a tray with a bottle and glass. The maid is wearing a blue dress and white apron and hat. Original Antique Posters. Armagnac Chateau Larressingle by Le Monnier 1938 France. French wine and spirits poster features a man with a pipe and a glass standing behind a table with a bottle and candles. Original Antique Posters. Bourin Quinquina original vintage poster by Pierre Bellenger 1936 French. French wine and spirits poster features a man seated drinking and smoking while his reflection in the table is eating.
Liqueur St. Barbe
Price: $885.00
Bourin Quinquina
Price: $760.00
Item # 1369 Item # 1357 Item # 1344 Item # 1337
Armagnac Barnabe by Imp. Damour 1945 France. French wine and spirits poster features a white haired man in a gray suit and red tie holding up a glass. Original Vintage Poster. Amaro Valsesia 1920 Italian.Italian wine and spirits poster features a traditionally dress woman holding up a bottle standing in the grass in front of a building with a steeple. Original Vintage Posters. Walt Disney Fantasia Italian original vintage movie poster from 1957 Italy. Great decorating idea for kids or entreatment room. Le Petit Parisien - Les Dernieres Cartouches original vintage poster from 1901 France
Armagnac Barnabe
Price: $425.00
Amaro Valsesia
Price: $350.00
Walt Disney Fantasia
Price: $1,200.00
Item # 1330 Item # 1327 Item # 1255 Item # 1234
Ballet Russe by Annenkov 1950 France -  French theater poster features sketched images of faceless ballet dancers in traditional Russian costume with hands in the air. Original Antique Posters. Jeune Fille Pauvre turn of century original vintage poster by E. C. Guyot from 1897 France. Features a woman holding a child running from crowd of people...
Ballet Russe
Price: $600.00
Item # 1225 Item # 1208
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