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French 1910 Mitchell Auto Poster Monogrammed L Alsacienne Teint and Ravive Tous Tissus Legers (2 sheet) original vintage poster from 1922 Belgium by Ch. Roux. Brussels fabric dye advertisement antique ad. Foire de Dijon 2 sheet original vintage poster by B. Villemot features a blue moon over the water and red sky near a domed building with a fork up to its mouth and glass of wine next to him. Belorange Orange - Citron (2 Sheet) Original Vintage 1949 poster by Toni. French culinary lithographic advertisement.
Mitchell Auto
Price: $4,800.00
Foire de Dijon 2 sheet
Price: $1,750.00
Belorange 2 Sheet
Price: $1,200.00
Item # 4948 Item # 4820 Item # 4597 Item # 4595
Palaise de Glace original vintage posters by Jules Cheret from 1893 France. Shows a woman in red dress and hat ice skating with shadowed people skating behind her. Maurin Quina Le Puy 3 sheet Leonetto Cappiello original vintage French poster from 1906. Features a green devil (demon) opening a bottle of aperitif against a black background. Le Bas Revel Leonetto Cappiello original French poster for stocking company features 3 woman's showing their legs on a dark blue background. Bonal poster by Cassandre 1933 France. French wine and spirits poster features a white silhouette of a man casting a shadow while drinking from a bottle with a large key in his belly. Original Antique Poster.
Le Bas Revel
Price: $2,400.00
Bonal [Four Sheet]
Price: $2,500.00
Item # 4093 Item # 2781 Item # 1632 Item # 1336
Mistinguett (3-sheet) original vintage poster by Weninger from 1933 - French theater poster features a smiling face of French actress and singer.
Item # 1292
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